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A Fish Out Of Proverbial Water
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10th-Jan-2011 11:47 pm - More Art!

Check it out on my dA!
6th-Dec-2010 11:06 pm - Doodles!

Watson, why do I fail so miserably to draw thee. :CCCC

Although, I'll probably end up tackling Sherlock and the rest of the cast.

Also, random eel wallpaper. ovo Leave a comment of your resolution if you want the full size.


On dA

Title: Lightbulb
Author: Chipswiththat
Rating: G
Characters/Pairing: Doctor, Donna.
Disclaimer: Don't own, Doctor Who and affiliated characters and franchises belong to the BBC.
Author's Note: Takes place at the beginning of S4, no spoilers. My first fic, so any comments are welcomed! Thank you very much to lemmiki  for beta'ing! And tolerating my relentless tormenting, along with horrible writing skills.
Summary: “Who is he? This Doctor?” is the first question Donna's been asked since it all began. It'd been a long day involving an unhappy hermaphroditic carnivorous alien plant (she was never going to look at dandelions the same way again), an ungodly amount of weedkiller and a very confused public.Collapse )
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